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Kauzlarich Scholarship



The youth of the parish are encouraged to take advantage of the Rick Kauzlarich Special Talents in the Arts Scholarships  to further their growth in Christ in the area of the fine arts (art, music, dance, etc.).  This financial gift is given annually in memory of Rick Kauzlarich, who was a special member of Our Savior Lutheran Church.  Rick used his God-given talents to encourage others and we want to see the same gifts used by our recipients in a similar way.  It can be applied toward private lessons, study camps, or educational assistance related to the fine arts.  To be eligible for the gift, recipients must be between 6th - 12th grade, or in college, and involved in church or school activities, including high school and college.  College students away from Our Savior can be involved in Christian outlets at campus or in the community.  The application period for this 2017 is closed.

A generous donation of $1000 was made to the School Endowment Fund!

Applications for 2018 will be available next Fall.

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